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Letter to the Editor:

Habitat and Wildlife Protection Comes First

Yukon News Editorial: May 30, 2014

Common Sense ATV Registration

Conservation Groups Endorse Common Beliefs Document:

Whitehorse Star Article - Thursday May 22nd, 2014

Yukon News Article - Friday May 23rd, 2014


Trails Only Yukon Rack Card:

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Speech from 2014 Fish and Game Banquet

Common Beliefs Document

BC Beefs Up Rules For Off-Road Vehicle Operators (Vancouver Sun Article)


Older News

An Annotated History of the ATV Issue From 1981 to 2013  (April 2013)

Letter from Currie Dixon, Minister of Environment and Brad Cathers, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources:

Taking Action on Off-Road Vehicles (pdf - January 11th, 2013)

Concise Information Packet

What's Happening Now

Info and Facts for Letter WritingThis letter and the Action Plan for Moving Forward Brochure was hand delivered to each MLA in the beginning of March, 2012

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Booklet prepared for Meetings with the Premier and the  Environment Minister:

Toya Booklet (April 2012)

Cartoons by Doug Urquhart

Who are we?

We are a broad-based coalition of Yukon people and organizations that is deeply concerned about the effects of the proliferation of ATV’s and their use in the wild lands of the Yukon. Many of us either own or have used ATV’s ourselves and recognize the right of owners and enthusiasts to use these machines in legitimate and sustainable ways, be it for hunting, work, wilderness exploration, or just plain recreational joy.

We base all our efforts on the values of responsibility, wise stewardship and the desire to leave a legacy for the next generation of a pristine wilderness environment.

Our goals are:

  1. Designated ATV trails in the Yukon wilderness
  2. ATV legislation
  3. Effective enforcement
  4. Education

Specific concerns include:

1.    Damage to fragile alpine and wetlands
2.    Harassment, disturbance and displacement of wildlife
3.    Over-harvest in accessed areas
4.    Cutting of new trails