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and Resulting Damage Visible the Following Year:




Analysis of Party Positions on ATV Management

Trails Only Yukon Association – has worked with the parties to provide Yukon voters with as clear a picture as possible of what those parties will do regarding ATV management in our wilderness if elected on November 7, 2016. Through a series of newspaper ads we have shone a light on what the various politicians have done in the past – and what they are now promising to do in the future. This is our analysis of their plans and promises along with a mark for their efforts.

Analysis of Party Positions [PDF - 1.3 MB]

Voters Urged to Ask Candidates About ORV Rules

 [Whitehorse Star November 2, 2016 ]

Voters should know the position of each political party regarding access to the hinterland by off-road vehicles (ORVs), say representatives of the Trails Only Yukon Association.

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Environment forum confirms Yukon parties' stands on Peel plan


Click on the links below to view the Questions for Candidates and the MLA Report card.


TOYA asked the four running Parties the following four following questions.

Question #1
If elected, will you support and promote a proactive approach or a complaints-driven process for managing ATV's in the Yukon wilderness? 

Question #2
If elected, will you support and promote a comprehensive plan for the whole territory or a piecemeal plan covering just the already damaged areas?

Question #3
If elected, will you support and promote the mandatory registration of all ATV's in the Yukon?

Question #4
If elected, will you support and promote the enactment of necessary legislation and regulations to effectively manage ATV's in the Yukon wilderness within the first 24 months of a new government mandate?

Click on the Party logos below to read their responses:

According to media outlets such as the Vancouver Sun, in 2009, British Columbia was considered to be 30 years behind the times and the last jurisdiction in North America to enact ATV legislation. What about the Yukon?


ATV associations in Colorado and BC were the driving force behind new legislation requiring registration and licensing of Off Road Vehicles.


In Colorado, ATV dealerships work in conjunction with associations to improve trails and repair damage to the environment caused by irresponsible operators.


Education, information and voluntary compliance, by themselves, has not worked to prevent environmental damage in any jurisdiction in North America with respect to use of ATV’s.


A report entitled Off – Road Vehicle Use and Issues was commissioned by the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and completed in Nov. 2000.  Five approaches were presented. The current Yukon approach, the option of doing nothing, was deemed to be shortsighted and irresponsible. This has been the approach taken for the last 10 years in the Yukon.



2009 Yukon Fish and Wildlife:  A 20:20 Vision


In the 3-month period from November 2008 to January 2009, the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board engaged in a long-range strategic exercise asking Yukoners to comment and respond as to a vision for fish and wildlife management for the year 2020. The following information is from the final report dated April 15, 2009:




163 people answered this question and gave 113 comments.  88% of respondents said there should be some restrictions or controlled access for ATV use in order to protect habitat.